Last supper / RED
Svetlana K-Lié has been researching and working on the Christian theme „The Last Supper" for the last 10 years. She expresses her thoughts and reflections as the prophetic vision, some kind of a lost wisdom.

Here we see a piece of 2011 where, in accordance with the irrevocable postmodernist gesture, K-Lie's "Last Supper" revisits Leonardo da Vinci's work.

Da Vinci's Last Supper is not only the most famous depiction of the given biblical scene, but the icon for the heritage (legacy) of the Renaissance - perspectivism in painting. In comparison with its iconic predecessor, the absence of the traditional emblems - figure of Jesus Christ and apostles, images of bread and wine. Instead, K-lie expresses interest in imagery (symbols, icons, motifs) that in Da Vinci's painting are assigned the status of props: table, tablecloth or forks and spoons in dozens, the number of apostles. The extracted motifs, these objects are millenniums-old bone, crystallisation of "basic wisdoms". The objects are saturated with rich mythological symbolism. The table appears as a symbol of greek letter π - a sign of mystical constant that embraces every possible combination of numbers.
Aren't we all gathered at this table, at this Last Supper?
K-Lie's spiritual activism cultivates in the viewers the ability to recognise and endow profound meaning to daily experience.

(from the text of V. Marchenkova and S. K-Lié)

The artwork was created as assemblage and recently transformed into a silkscreen in 100 x 100 cm, limited edition of 2020.

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Artist: Svetlana K-Lie

Serie: Secret Supper

Year: 2011

Genre: Abstraction

Size: 100 x 100 cm

Media: Mixed media

Location: Switzerland

Shipping: Shipping to Europe is included

Edition: 1 of 20

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