28th June 2019

Conflict painting
of Boy & Erik Stappaerts
exclusively in our gallery

Svetlana Lakhtionova
The conflict paintings of Belgian artist Boy&Erik Stappaerts (BES) were exclusively presented to our guests on May 27, 2019 at our event in Zurich where we launched the Kunstera online gallery.
At the opening of the Biennale of Belgium 2019 in Ghent, we met with the artist. He explained to us the concept of conflict painting
Me and Boy&Erik Stappaerts at the Biennale of Belgium 2019
It is the creation of rhythms of dissonant optical colour effects: collisions between forest greens and cosmetic pinks, between petroleum blues, fluorescent yellows and bordeaux reds, between cobalt blues and vermilion reds, etc*.
Contrast of aggressive colors cause magnetic attraction but, at the same time, the desire to withdraw. On the one hand the colors of BES invite you to dive in, to absorb them or to get absorbed by them. Yet, on the other hand, the reflecting gloss pushes you away from the synthetic looking paintings to a safe distance. This is passionate painting where the artist works with perceptual limits and draws a parallel with human emotions.
Hip-Hop Dancefloor. Steel, nickel 78x78x0.4 cm

Exclusively in our gallery
Since the 1990s, Boy&Erik Stappaerts has been actively exhibiting. He took part in almost 100 exhibitions and contests in different countries, including Switzerland (Bern & Lausanne in 2007). Two exhibitions – in London (2015) and Antwerp (2016) – were held under the curatorship of Luc Tuymans.

The art of BES, which is located on the border between painting, sculpture and design - glossy lacquered objects in bright color palettes – raises as well questions as it provides answers to this gray world.

*Adriaan Gonnissen "BES: Conflict and Polarization Paintings: The Architecture of Colour"
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