Wouter Steel (1974) is an Antwerp based artist specialized in contemporary painting.

He studied fine arts at the St-Lucas School of Arts (Antwerp) and graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp), the institution he now teaches nude drawing at.
For the past 15 years Steel has made his mark as a professional painter in art exhibitions in cities like Brussels, Antwerp, London and Ibiza.

Steel appreciates and honours the contribution of Old Masters, he is trying to capture his own authentic niche in the motley world of contemporary art. His way of working is to turn a personal mythology into extremely sensual images which make their long-lasting imprint.

We are pleased to present paintings from "The three year project" of the artist. Through this project he puts three years of his life on canvas. Starting with one painting a day in year one, followed by one painting a week in year 2 and ending with one painting a month in year three.
"An attrition. A marathon. Putting style, frame and format within the context of time and mood. With honesty as an invariable. Nothing is prepared. Nothing stays hidden. It's all part of the bigger picture".
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