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We showcase their works and offer you the possibility to purchase it
We connect art lovers with contemporary artists from all around the world
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An inspiring center for contemporary art, attracting both artists and collectors.
The place in Europe with the highest concentration of creative and free spirited artists.
A world city with great potential in the field of modern art, holding a lot of very talented people.
We want to share the artists we love with an audience that might not have heard of them. Which can be a Swiss collector we introduce to the refined work of the Russian academic school. Or to more rebellious Flemish art, which is still inspired by Rubens. Or a Russian audience we get acquainted with some fantastic European art.
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We are constantly on the lookout for new artists that we can represent through our gallery.
what we do
We organize exhibitions and exclusive events in Switzerland, Belgium and Russia.
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Kunstforum Zurich
Art New York, 5/5/19
New artists to our collection
Always keeping a close eye on trends
what we do
We attend exhibitions and art fairs (Art New York, Artsy events, Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Kunstforum Zurich, …) and are in constant communication with artists.
Next to that we organize art events of our own.
Art New York
Art Basel
We can help you with the selection of works, taking into account your specific circumstances, budget and preferences.
Interior designers are part of our team.
About us
We, Natalia Corbe and Svetlana Lakhtionova, founders of Kunstera.com, are committed to bring the amazing work of our artists to people who share the same passion. We do so with our team of like-minded collaborators.

We want to be a reliable partner that provides valuable guidance through the wonderful world of contemporary art.
"I am really lucky to live at the epicenter of cultural life in Antwerp, a city that, since the Golden Age of Flemish Art, has maintained this incredible, creative atmosphere. Which is exactly what we want to share through the works of the Belgian artists we represent.

Being born in Russia however I will never forget my origins, so I am really proud to introduce original works of my favorite Russian artists to a European audience via kunstera.com."
The name "Kunstera, was born from the word "Kunst", which means "art", and "Terra" - "land". It involves the unification of the arts from different countries, including countries of our main locations: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Russia.

We would like to connect the most talented artists from around the world with people who are eager to join the world of art or express themselves through it. We are located in the center of Europe, in Switzerland, which is the trendsetter in the field of contemporary art. And we are pleased to face and satisfy the highest demands of art lovers.
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